Wednesday, 9 February 2011

RUNESCAPE! Thrice Slain, Once defeated. HATI!

The seasonal wolf Hati kept disturbing my combat training, killing me 3 times, making me potentially lose everything (luckily it only takes 2 mins to run to my grave) So the 4th time, I took food, and was actually prepared for him.

The gloves give you x2 exp to all combat skills, level 70atk here i come!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Well... Today I nearly died.

I was driving, on my way to Speke (Liverpool) came off the roundabout into the second lane (The first was blocked by a moving lorry) When all of a sudden, the bloody lorry pulled over into my lane! Had to slam the brakes on. The lorry driver got a good telling off though, bloody scousers. I nearly threw up my sausage and egg mcmuffin I had to brake that hard.

Monday, 7 February 2011

5 Foreign films you MUST watch!

5# The Host
Korean horror, complete with full scale quarantine, Fishy monster (whom seems to prefer little kids) and everyone dying... need I say more?

4# Death Note - 1&2

For fans of the anime series, Live action remakes of the popular japanese anime series have been made. Although, it strays from the story a bit, it's nice to see it acted out with real actors.

3# Battle Royale.
I remember watching this in my computer class at school, a bunch of school kids get given random weapons... released onto an island, and told they have so many hours to kill each other. Seriously, one of the best films of this genre i have seen (stay away from the second battle royale) Some poor kid gets given a pot lid...

2# I'm a Cyborg, but that's okay
Another film from Korea, this has got to be the funniest film i have ever seen, it takes place in a lunatic assylum, with people inside who have the most hilarious of conditions. A girl who has magic socks that makes her fly, a man who can steal other people's 'Abilities' and the main character, a girl who is a cyborg, and can talk to machines. It contains a few love scenes, which can be quite fun for the family, but on the other hand, a cyborg girl shooting bullets from EVERY orifice in her body, killing everyone... not so fun for the family

1# Amelie
Despite the stereotypical englishman's view on the french, i LOVE this film, it's quirky and for some strange reason i can't stop watching it, It's a love story about a girl who finds that she enjoys helping people after finding a 50 year old case in her bathroom wall, containing a man's childhood treasures. It's a quite strange and random film, but i gotta love it.

Today starts my adventures

Hmm, I'll make this an introductory post,

I'm BaumWurst, I live in England, north west. I study Music and German in college, both which I have exceeding grades in ;)

This blog will be random posts about music/languages/games/etc.

I also play runescape